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How We Work



Before any design or development work begins, we take the time to understand how the website will fit into your business, how your customers will want to interact with the website and what your competitors are already doing. The majority of website development projects fail, and the main reason for this is that the project wasn’t fully understood by the Client or the Development Company from the outset.


Next we create visual designs of the key pages for the website. This is to confirm that we fully understand the design requirements for the project before we start building the website prototype. Any changes to the visual design required are simple to make at this stage so it’s very important these are agreed now, changes to the design after the site has been coded can take ten times as long to implement.


Because we have made so much effort to understand and refine the website prior to coding, we now have an accurate Specification to ensure the Developers can focus on Quality – Usability, Performance, Robustness, Scalability and Security. Website Developers are not Designers or Usability experts, they need clear instructions. If you start requesting Design or Functionality changes during the Development phase, you will inevitably impact on the Quality of the finished Project.


Before the site goes live, we test it for Performance and Security. We have continually tested the website all the way through the design and prototyping phases to ensure it complies with our Quality Standards (including W3C, Accessibility, SEO visibility, etc.) but only now is it possible to see if the completed website will perform as expected in the environment it will be required to operate in. Obviously we fix any bugs or issues that we find.