It is a fairly new entrant to the digital marketing, but the way it is picking up; the industry believes it will soon make many other digital marketing tools obsolete. This is because more and more consumers are using mobile devices to search the Internet, instead of using the traditional devices.

With a 98% open rate, businesses are finding a substantial advantage over the other digital marketing tools. We have listed below the heaps of benefits that advertisers are enjoying from the advent of mobile marketing.

 Express through Interactive Content:

Mobile marketing has several advantages over other digital marketing tools, but the biggest of all is its dynamism in conveying a message with graphics, video, and audio. Marketing through interactive content is significantly assisting in developing brand awareness and an affection, which goes beyond the confines of customer-vendor relationship. Industry pundits are calling mobile marketing is highly intimate, and an engaging method in the development of brand awareness, and an ongoing interest, which makes it easy to convert it into sales. The closeness Mobile Marketing is bringing was not evident in the past with any other digital marketing tool, and the lightning speed with which the interesting ads are spreading is bringing extreme satisfaction for the advertisers.

 Comprehensive Statistic:

Mobile marketing provides real-time results on the ad performance in terms of the number of views, number of leads, number of sales conversions, number of downloads, number of recipient queries, and other relevant stats. This analysis allows the advertiser to decide instantaneously on whether they have to organize a shift, or to modify the approach, or in the case of excellent performance, put more thrust in increasing the number of recipients.

Return on Investment (ROI):

ROI is extremely healthy when compared against the other digital tools. Mobile campaigns are not only beneficial in terms of less cost per conversion, but it provides better engagement for future dealings, because of its intimate bonding with the consumer.

Consumer Friendly:

Mobile marketing is not only intimate but also extremely friendly. It is a fact that 90% of the addressees read the message within fifteen minutes of its receipt, and those who want to act, just have to click the links or call the marketer for the desired action. The technology is so user-friendly that consumers are not burdened with unnecessary downloads, or learning new technologies, etc., instead, they only have to open the message and take the preferred action.

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