We provide all services related to Cloud hosting and Security. A brief input on different types of services, are as follows:

 Cloud Service means any resources that are provided over the Internet. The most common cloud service resources are as follows:

 Software as a Service (SaaS):

SaaS, signifies any cloud service where buyers can acquire software applications over the web. The software provider hosts the applications on “the cloud” for free or paid usage. Services rendered by Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc., falls under SaaS.

SaaS gives companies and individuals an alternative from buying and maintaining their IT infrastructures. They can now plug in and subscribe to services built on shared infrastructure via the Internet. The SaaS model has flourished in recent years because of the many benefits it offers to businesses of all sizes and types. Here’s what’s driving customers to take advantage of SaaS solutions:

High Adoption:

SaaS applications are accessible from any PC or any mobile device, at any place and anytime. Since a great, many people are acquainted with using the Internet to find what they require, SaaS applications have started attracting millions across the world.

Lower Initial Costs:

SaaS applications are subscription based. No license fees mean lower initial costs for hardware, software, and the people needed to manage it.

Painless Upgrades:

Because the SaaS provider manages all updates and upgrades, there are no patches for customers to download or install; so, there is no need for customers to add hardware, software, or bandwidth as the user base grows.

Seamless Integration:

Numerous SaaS suppliers additionally offer customization abilities to address specific needs. Furthermore, many provide APIs (Application Program Interface) to integrate with your existing ERP or other in-house developed productivity software.

Why SaaS is popular for the Enterprise:

The popularity of SaaS is steadily increasing because it simplifies deployment and reduces customer acquisition costs. With SaaS, developers can support many customers with a single version of a product. This approach, called multi-tenancy, allows companies to scale as fast and as much as needed without replacing costly infrastructure or adding IT staff.

 Platform as a Service (PaaS)

In the advanced business environment, there is a developing emphasis on customer-friendly web applications and services. Plentiful organizations today wish to give a more noteworthy level of focus to customer care and support to their consumers utilizing web created applications and solutions; however, they get put-off when they realize that the developmental cost of these applications is unaffordable.

Basically, PaaS permits clients to make programming applications utilizing tools supplied by the provider.

Below are some of the features that can be included with a PaaS offering:

 *  Operating system

*  Server-side scripting environment

*  Database management system

*  Server Software

*  Storage

*  Tools for design and development

*  Hosting

The maximum benefit who could drive from the PaaS are Software developers, Web developers, and Corporates. Corporates can develop their own in-house software utilizing PaaS services, whereas the software developers can build their own applications, and the web developers can use the tools to develop the sites with innovative technologies.

In essence, PaaS is offering a working environment for developing applications. It is in this manner perfect for the development of new applications that are planned for the web, PCs, and mobile devices.

 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

IaaS provides specifically Virtualised Computing Tools that are as follows:

*  Virtual Server Space

*  Network Connections

*  Bandwidth

*  IP Addresses

*  Load Balancers (to increase capacity of concurrent users and reliability of applications).

 Physically, a Cloud Service Provider, makes a pool of servers and networks spread across several data centers and offer these resources to its customer, for their use as virtual hardware and software resources. The corporate customers find these virtual resources cost effective, and easily scalable solutions. Beauty of the IaaS is that you use the services as per your requirement, which without any prior commitment you increase the resources when needed and decrease when you do not need them. This greatly assists the businesses to keep a constant check on the expenses, and ensure that resources are being used for only for the productivity and growth. primary advantage of using the IaaS is as follows:

 *  No risk of downtime

*  No risk of data corruption for any reason.

*  No pressure of coping up with sudden surge in business

*  No costly replacement of redundant hardware or software upgrades

*  No need of expensive IT staff

*  No need to have IT infrastructure or support staff on every business location

 We could support your business with the needed services so that your focus could remain on the business growth.