It is firmly established that Email Marketing is a comprehensive tool, for instantly reaching thousands of consumers, who have the potential to be your customer. It is cost-effective and highly versatile when compared with most of the other digital marketing tools. Email marketing is an aggressive tool, as it is directly going to the potential buyers, and even if the rate of success in closing sales with this campaign is hardly 2%, still it is inexpensive and results oriented.

We have explained below the prime benefits of email marketing, which hardly put any dent to your bottom line, and still serves your principal objectives of the increase in sales and brand awareness.


Reduced Time & Effort:

When you compare the email marketing with any direct-marketing techniques, (like postal mailings, telesales, door-to-door sales, roadshows, promotional sales in mega malls, etc.) the email marketing comes out as a winner, as it is far a superior product, in terms of ROI, and the time and effort, you spend in processing it is highly insignificant.

To develop an email with graphics and contents hardly takes a couple of hours. The maximum time goes into developing the contents, which anyway one has to work on, regardless of what marketing tool you choose to use. Rest of the work of setting the mail format and inserting the graphics is not a time-consuming job for any skilled person.

Sending the mail to thousands of recipients is again a no-brainer, as you just select the addresses from the email data bank and push a button to send.


Substantial Reduction in Marketing Expenses:

Cost of mass emailing is zilch when compared against the costs of other digital marketing tools. You do not need a department or pool of employees to send mass emails. What you need is a dedicated staff to draft the contents and insert in it the needed graphics, and then collect the email addresses from the email data bank, and press the button to send it. Within seconds, your email is in the inbox of thousands of customers and potential customers, and for almost free.


Personalize Emails:

Many mass emailing applications, allows you to customize your e-mails with names, birthdays, wedding days, purchase history, promotional offers based on the past purchases, etc. As we all know, personalized mails create bonding, and greatly assist in developing brand loyalty or preferential treatment for availing the offered services.

You could also target a city, country or area, and draft your mail, starting with the weather in that area, and comments on a few other native happenings, which will greatly assist you in having a bonding much better than a buyer and seller relationship. Personalization or say customization is nothing but a tool to gain the loyalty beyond the normal trade relationship, which is a highly effective marketing tool, not available in any other form but through the email campaigns.

Once you gain the reputation as a company that cares about their customer, then you have won not only business but also the loyalty for which any business house will die for.


Cost less Frequent Mails:

You could communicate with your consumers as frequently as possible, incurring almost zero costs, except for the cost of your time, spent on drafting the communication. Just update them about your enhanced activities, new-product launch, organizational changes, promotional hot offers, or stock clearance, etc. The more frequent mails you send the better, as your regular visibility will create brand awareness, as well as chances of converting the recipients into a customer, increases many folds. Frequent mail means once a week or bi-weekly, as bombarding the recipients daily or every alternate day could become counterproductive.


Track the emails delivery, and sales conversion:

With the help of email tracking applications, you could gain the knowledge, on how many received and opened the email, and how many have opened the email links, and how many have contacted for further information or ordered the goods and services that are being offered, or even, how many have reported it as a spam.



Consult us for a free analysis of your business; and to advise you on how we could assist you, in developing a relevant email database, and how you could start promoting your offerings, through the email marketing strategy. We will not recommend you to make email marketing, as your entire marketing portfolio; instead, it should be one of the tools in your arsenal of digital marketing.