Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising ensures that your company is seen first. PPC advertising is the most effective way of reaching your customers. Its referred to as paid online advertising in which advertiser pays to the search engines like Google or Yahoo for per click or every visitor that they get.


In Online Digital Marketing, Pay per Click is recognized as a most swift tool that delivers instant results. The outcome of these results come in the form of increased traffic increased number of queries; and increased sales volume. But unlike Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click is not free. There is a cost attached to it as the keywords that are used in a particular campaign are bided online at different prices. Owing to its unique trait of immediate response and effective impact, Pay per click Management service is catching up with business community across sectors. The various steps our PPC service includes:


Keyword Analysis

The first and foremost task of a Pay per Click campaign is Keyword search. And in this regard, our proficient PPC management team helps you find most appropriate keywords that are associated with the products or services that you deal in.


Competitor Analysis

Analysing your competitors’ Web sites will help you take advantage of all possible keyword opportunities. You will also stay ahead of the competition by getting new link opportunities.

Our competitor analysis tools help you target keywords and analyse Backlinks. You will not only determine the keywords your competitors are using but also how much they spend on their Pay Per Click campaigns. As a result, you will determine how much you can spend and still remain competitive. In general, you will have the opportunity to assess the potential of your Web site against competitor sites.

Landing Page Development and Maintenance

Landing Page is the page of your website where traffic is routed for some specific action or objective. Now, the objective of this crowd can be many: Information; Research; Spying; or Deal. So, it is important your Landing Page should be out of clutter and show the required information in appropriately.


Account Management: By creating and managing your search engine accounts, we can help to increase your advertising return – giving you more time to focus on running your business.


Tracking and Reporting: We monitor every click through and offer you detailed reports at all times, resulting in a clear and accountable campaign. Our ‘Open Book’ policy also means you can access all your accounts continually.